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PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2016 3:13 am

I told you it didn't take long to fill out!

PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2016 2:57 am

CORRECTIONS HAVE BEEN APPLIED. NAMELY: My new Unholy Death Knight will be my main. He is level 100 because I am a filthy filthy cheater and used a level boost.

====Guild Application====

1. What is the name of your main as well as level and class?
Wolvee, 100 Unholy Death Knight

2. What is your age?

3. What guilds have you been with in the past, and why did you leave them? Please provide as much detail as necessary.
None in WoW. Was in some guilds in DAoC and Everquest and FF11.

4. Do you have any friends currently in Scalebane? If so, who & how do you know them? (Family, real life friend, etc.)
Riku, real life friend.

5. What best describes you now that you're level 100 (or once you are 100)?
A. I like to socialize, mess around, or whatever I'm in the mood for that day.
B. I like to raid mostly, & I pvp on the side (or not at all).
C. I like to pvp mostly, & I raid on the side (or not at all).
D. I like to level characters & professions.
E. Other/Explain.

A & B

6. Are you interested in guild raiding content? If so, what are your preferred roles?
Yes. I'm not entirely sure, but I look forward to learning.

7. What role do you wish to perform while raiding? (Healer, Tank, DPS). Are you able to perform other roles if needed?
I suppose I'm a DPS. I'd be happy to try/learn a tank setup with Wolvee if needed, but I wouldn't know what I was doing for a bit.

8. Can you give us a brief summary of what your armor & weapons are like or provide a link to your armory page?
Shit. Just shit.

9. Can you describe what raiding experience you have? Are you familiar with current content?
None in WoW. Did a lot of PvP in DAoC but that was ages ago.

10. What made you want to apply to Scalebane?
Riku says it's a great (and funny) group of people.

11. Do you have any friends or family that will apply to Scalebane if you are recruited?
Probably not. Maybe one, but he's pretty established on another server.

12. Are you currently applying to other guilds?

13. Are there any situations in the past that may affect your reputation that you would like to explain?
Look, I don't care how many times Brad tries to say otherwise, he's the one who took a dump in Kelly's pool. Scout's honor, man.

14. Are you the only one who plays your character?

15. Finally, tell us a little about yourself. We're first and foremost a guild about people, People > Loot.

I try to be a pretty hoopy frood and always know where my towel's at. I'm a writer stuck in a web developer's career. I'll always go for the joke if the option presents itself -- but I also know to cut off in the middle of a sentence if important information is being relayed to the party. I like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. No, really. What are you laughing at? I do a mean Mitch Hedberg impression and I firmly believe the original run of Futurama is the funniest thing that has ever aired on television. Oh, and Goonies never say die.