12/13 Heroic Hellfire Citadel
Date: Sunday, November 22 @ 07:40:01 UTC

We've been up to stuff since last update. For example, here is NORMAL Archimonde:

Cool, right? Well, we're only killing him to get the legendary ring upgrades. We murderated the heroic version of the instance too, getting all of the loots along the way. We're now working on Heroic Archimonde. Look forward to us gloating over yet another corpse in the future.

And for gloating, I never did mention:

We killed that guy, too. Don't ask us how many wipes it took - Everyone stepped up and kicked ass, and it was an incredible experience. We have an incredible core of players dedicated both to continued success, and each other.

This article comes from Scalebane - An Alliance Guild on Eredar

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