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Date: Wednesday, April 05 @ 12:59:11 UTC
Topic: News

Alright, time for an update. Majordomo has been defeated twice now by Scalebane! We have made a few attempts on Rag. Once we iron out our strategy & placement he will fall like all the previous MC bosses. Congratulations to all those who won epics!

Patch 1.10 has certainly caused issues all over. Many mods had to be revised. Special thanks to Cyria who tracked them down & provided us with a new compilation pack. As many other guilds have claimed our Onyxia raids have also been affected by the patch, server crashing, & lag. Hopefully Blizzard will correct some issues during the 24 hour server shutdown tomorrow.

Raid signups have changed a little. Please read this post for an update:

We have a new rank for our dedicated raiders in the works entitled Dragonslayer. Details will be announced soon.

And Babbs, I have a question...What's the bomb?


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