Scalebane Addon Packs Updated
Date: Thursday, April 06 @ 02:13:54 UTC
Topic: Addons

Required Raid pack and Scalebane Compilation have been updated!  All raiders, be sure to update to the latest raid pack.  You can get both in the downloads section.  Click Read more below for the full article.

As the flood of fixed addons seems to have slowed down enough, I've updated and released a new version of both the main compilation (all the addons) and the raid pack (only what we require for raiding). Both of these can be downloaded exclusively in the Downloads section now. The previous addon threads have been moved, edited, or deleted so there can be no confusion about where to download the latest update. All future updates will be made to that section along with a post to the news announcing it.

I cannot stress enough how very important it is that everyone downloads the latest raid pack, because this patch has messed up a lot of things. If you continue using the old pack, it will not even let you move until the addons are disabled, and the raid addons are very important for quickly and effectively clearing MC and Onyxia. The temporary fix posted to the forums has issues as well, and was missing the threat meter, so please download this again even if you think you may have updated already.

As of this release, all the required addons (and hopefully the main pack addons) are working to the best of my knowledge. If anyone finds a problem with the raid pack addons, please let me know ingame or on the UI forum so I can look for a solution as quickly as possible. If you need help with the main pack in any way I am available as well. Thank you.


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