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Date: Wednesday, April 19 @ 15:01:08 UTC
Topic: News

Here's an update on recent news.

After some issues with Onyxia after patch 1.10 we managed to take down Onyxia last week, but we had to contact a GM to get our loot. See details here. Despite the supposed changes in the fight Blizzard added we didn't see even one deep breath last night, & we downed Ony with ease. Onyxia is back on farm status!

We added some new policies to our raids which enabled us to surpass in speed any MC raid we have done thus far by completing Lucifron-Golemagg in under 4 hours. Our new class leader system has been met with many positive remarks. As far as boss progress, we are so close to killing Rag I can smell that Perdition's Blade! With a little more practice the big guy will fall.

Congratulations to Maharlika on reaching Grand Marshal!!! This is quite an accomplishment, & we're all very happy for you.

This article comes from Scalebane - An Alliance Guild on Eredar

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